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JBC-Agencies is also the right partner for FIT (Flexible Independent Travel) customers.

With the help of our extensive and almost complete online sales manual you can calculate the price of the route at any time, and provide transport, excursions and other services.

On our online sales manual you will find almost all accommodations, transfers, car rental and excursions in Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

Our local offices take care of your costumer in the event of an emergency, transport breakdown, hospitalization or other calamities. With a 24-hour emergency number, our offices can always be reached and the customer is offered the help that is needed.

When applying for an individual trip, we make an inventory of the wishes and preferences. But we also include, for example, the composition of the travel group, the ages, travel experience and fitness in our proposal. A proposal for a route is always based on our personal experience, knowledge and skills. We always provide a good explanation if the travel proposal deviates from the original plan.

With an individual trip, the customer is of course assured of a certain degree of freedom, flexibility and privacy. We as JBC Agencies do everything we can to safeguard and follow these core values during the journey.

Our local offices are fully informed about the route to be taken by the customers, and in which accommodations they spend the night, whether or not arranged by JBC Agencies. This allows them to switch quickly in the event of hurricanes, floods or other unexpected situations.

With the help of our ‘building blocks’ you can easily compose a route for each country. We have already linked our best-selling excursions and ‘preferred’ accommodations for you into an attractively priced package. Just add transport in the form of a rental car, private transfer, private guide/driver or by shuttle bus and the journey can begin.

All accommodations, modes of transport and other services are competitively purchased and almost always available. If there is no apparent availability, we will advise the ‘next best option’, taking into account the location, quality and type of accommodation.

We have also included ‘special early booking’ discounts in our online sales manual, so that you can offer consumers a competitive price.

In addition to regular car trips, hotels and homestays and private transfers, we can also offer adventurous alternatives.

Such as traveling through Cuba by campervan, staying overnight in a tree house, or taking the (off-road) roads of Costa Rica or Colombia by 4WD with a roof tent. But a luxury cruise is also one of the many options.

One of the main reasons to work with JBC-Agencies is flexibility. We also try to incorporate the core property in our offer and advice. Ultimately, of course, it is the consumer who determines and pays.

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Photo: Frits Meyer

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