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We have put together attractive programs thanks to our experience, contacts and competitive price agreements.

Each program has been carefully selected, described and calculated by us. We look at the route, the distances to be covered and the comfort of the consumer.

In addition, we also want to highlight our seat-in tours. These are attractive trips based on international groups, with fixed departure dates and guaranteed departures from 2 people (only with the Cuba seat-in tour). The trip is always accompanied by a qualified English speaking guide. The journey is carried out by comfortable coach. All accommodation and various excursions are included.

Specialist trips are also possible. Consider, for example, a brush up course for healthcare professionals. We have close contacts with various clinics in Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

In Costa Rica in particular, it is also possible to link a trip to volunteering. For example, you can help a local tribe to build a school, maintain a garden or take care of animals.


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