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Tailor-made trips are one of the specialties of JBC-Agencies. We listen carefully to what customers are looking for and with our experience it is easy to change your desires into the many possibilities that Cuba, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica have to offer. Our focus is always on what is most interesting for your customer, the traveller and what gives the best results in the long run. All this of course at a good price-quality ratio. We try to offer tailor-made products at the best possible price, whereby we also think along in the promotion of the product. A joint promotional campaign is one of the options.

Thanks to our good relationship and many years of cooperation with our offices, we can offer a high level of service and so the traveller is excellently guided during their journey. Various tailor-made options are available; for example, independent travellers who go out with a rental car, couples traveling together with different interests, a dance group looking for a swinging cultural trip, and budget groups are also welcome. For every request, we draw on our extensive range of excursions, modes of transport, hotels, special accommodations and luxury products, in order to provide a suitable offer.


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