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The colourful cultural heritage of Central- and Latin America is visible in festivals and carnivals. But also in their music, dance, art, literature, world class cuisine and handicrafts. Richly influenced by the history of their indigenous people.

Culinairy Discovery of Cuba.

There is more than rice and beans…..Cuba’s culinairy specialities are a revolution of their own. Thanks to the growth of the paladares (private restaurants) and the creativity of Cuban chefs, the quality of the Cuban kitchen is increasing. High quality, better service and surprising ideas and presentations of restaurants and menus. Havana presents nowadays a scala of international kitchens: from Russian to Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Libanese, Japanese,  Indian etc…….  you name it!! All choices are there and slowly, but surely,  these development takes place in other cities in the country.

One of the fundaments of this development is local, biological vegetables, directly from the farms to the restaurants . An other surprising development was a campaign last year La Ruta de Tapas in Havana:  a presentation of  12 small restaurants-bars in Old havana with a drink and a eye-catching tapas for a special price! But nevertheless, the authentic and delicious rice and beans are still there but culinairy Cuba is on the move.

Discover culinairy Cuba through:

  • 12 days cultural and culinairy journey in Cuba
  • A culinairy weekend in Havana
  • A gourmet experience in Havana
  • Surprising Rum, Cigars and Food experiences
  • Discover the  world of gourmet in Havana
  • Cooking lessons


Our Destinations

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We have made a preselection of exciting tours and sights at the below destinations


Cuba que linda es Cuba! Combination of history, culture, nature, arts and beaches all come together on this beautiful island. So much to offer!


Stil the best kept secret!
The pearl of the America’s, the landbridge between 2 continents, a unique destination in many ways.


The only risk is wanting to stay! Colombia a country with snow peaks, tropical rainforests, white beaches and colonial towns. Time to explore!

Costa Rica

Known for its marvellous flora and fauna, but it also has beautiful beaches, cultural aspects and incredible thrill seeking adventures.


The unknown pearl of Central America, it is the largest country with undiscovered paths. There are many highlights to be discovered.


An unique way to discover Brazil, step on the Great Brazil Express and experience a luxury way of travelling through a small part of Brazil.


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