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If you can’t make a choice out of our beautiful destinations, why don’t you take more than one? The knowledge and experience from JBC- Agencies in all the different countries makes it easy to offer Multi Destinations tours.

These tours can be an combination of countries with the same influences, like typical Caribbean countries, Panama, Colombia and Cuba. Nature combines Panama and Costa Rica. But it is also possible to combine two ore three totally different countries. So they can complement each other. The Bolivian and Colombian Andes tour can be closed with beach services in Panama or Colombia. Another connection is to make a self-drive or motor tour through neighbouring countries. Like Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. Land transfers, flights and inland flights between and in the different countries are easily made and are perfectly normal for the own inhabitants.

Our Destinations

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We have made a preselection of exciting tours and combinations for the below destinations


Cuba que linda es Cuba! Combination of history, culture, nature, arts and beaches all come together on this beautiful island. So much to offer!


Stil the best kept secret!
The pearl of the America’s, the landbridge between 2 continents, a unique destination in many ways.


The only risk is wanting to stay! Colombia a country with snow peaks, tropical rainforests, white beaches and colonial towns. Time to explore!

Costa Rica

Known for its marvellous flora and fauna, but it also has beautiful beaches, cultural aspects and incredible thrill seeking adventures.


The unknown pearl of Central America, it is the largest country with undiscovered paths. There are many highlights to be discovered.


An unique way to discover Brazil, step on the Great Brazil Express and experience a luxury way of travelling though a small part of Brazil.


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