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Panama is a magnificant destination for luxury tours, eco tours, sports, nature and culture. It is a realtively small country but with the panamerican highway running from west to east, all activities can be easily combined. For all budgets, interests and ages it has something to offer.
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Stay at luxurious secluded and unusual places, enjoy special tours, learn about authentic cultures or sail around the different islands on a yacht.

Luxury accommodations, such as haciendas, guesthouse and eco-lodges in different area’s. All with their own atmosphere, architecture, culture and activities. Examples, the American trade hotel(Panama City) or Tranquilo Bay Panama EcoAdventure Lodge (Bocas del Toro.)

Helicopter excursion, fly over the Panama Canal or have a day excursion to the San Blas islands and travel by helicopter. This is an extraordinary way to experience the different aspects of Panama.
These exclusive excursions provide a different view and gives travelers another perspective of Panama.

Yacht tours, one of the most beautiful parts of Panama is located along the Caribbean coast.  There are 365 islands, The San Blas Islands. White sand beaches, coconut trees and turquoise waters. Stay on a yacht, travel around these prestige islands and visit the Kuna Indians.


Want to have some adventure, here are some of the possibilities in Panama. There are plenty of others like hiking, motor tours, whale watching.

Wildwater rafting, Panama is a country world renounced for its rivers of rare and remote beauty. The rivers vary in difficulty, providing white water adventures for every rafter, beginner to most advanced. With more than 35 world-class whitewater runs in Panama’s Chiriquí province alone, there is no paddling destination more extraordinary than Panama!

Birdwatching tours, Panama is a superb birding destination which has the most accessible rainforests and high-altitude cloud forests. It is one of the favorite destinations for birding with more than 10.000 species identified, but birding in Panama is not complete unless you visit the Boquete highlands or the jungle a long side the Panama Canal.

Kiteboarding, Punta Chame, made its name to the world for its excellent conditions to practice kiteboarding. The center is located inside the Nitro City Panama, the hotel is the first ever extreme sports resort! It has a Wakeboard Cable Park, Stand-Up Paddle boards and many more activities to complete the concept of Action Sports.

Culture & Art

Panama the destination in Central America with the most indigious indian tribes but also with colonial cities, world class cuisine, arts, music and festivals.

Indigious Indian tribes, Panama has 7 indigenous Indian tribes and the most familiar are Kuna’s (San Blas Islands) and Emberra (Soberania National Park.) These all have their own culture and rituals. In the San Blas the Kuna’s make Molas, beautiful colorful handmade fabric with a special design.

Panamá Viejo, also known as Panamá la Vieja, is the remaining part of the old Panama City and former capital of the country. It is located in the suburbs of the modern city. Together with the historical district of Panamá, it has been a World Heritage Site since 1997.

Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, in Latin America and the tropics, the Biomuseo is his only work. There are Eight galleries which tells  the strory about the origin of the Panamanian isthmus and its gigantic impact on the planet’s biodiversity.

Multi Destinations

Visiting Panama together with countries located close by, gives so many opportunites. Combine flora and fauna with different cultures.

Panama – Costa Rica, the country known for its nature. The Pan American highway passes through both countries. Start in Panama and drive towards Costa Rica, visiting all highlights on the way like El Valle de Anton or Boquete. Pass the border and continue to Costa Rica for more highlights. The perfect combination for a self drive.

Panama – Cuba – Arrive in Panama and enjoy the various aspects of this country like Panama City, the Panama canal and nature reserves. Then take a short flight to Cuba and see a total different country, enjoy the authenticity, old cities and a lot more culture. End the trip at one of the beautiful beaches in Varadero or on one of the many islands along the coast.

Costa Rica – Panama and Colombia, the three countries located next to each other. Drive from Costa Rica towards Panama, see all the highlights along the Pan American highway. From Panama city take a plane to Colombia and enjoy this beautiful country, with the coffee region, cultural cities and end at the beach. So many opportunities.

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