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The place for all your Latin America travels


Cuba que linda es Cuba! The ideal combination of history, culture, nature, art and beaches. Everything comes together on this beautiful island. Get carried away and go back to the 60s.


Still the best kept secret!
The Pearl of the Americas, Panama. The land bridge between 2 continents,

in many ways a unique destination.

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The country has amazing contrasts! Pass the white peaks of the Andes, the bustling markets of colonial towns and the bounty beaches of the Pacific coast.


The only risk is wanting to stay! Experience  4 seasons in 1 day. Go from the snow to the tropical rainforests and rest on the white beaches. Also admire the colonial past and rhythmic culture.

Costa Rica

La Pura Vida! Known for its beautiful flora and fauna, it also has beautiful beaches, cultural aspects and incredible thrill-seeking adventures.


Het hart en rijk van de Inca's. Het land staat bekend om het betoverende Andesgebergte, het fantastische eten en last but not least natuurlijk Machu Picchu.

We create more than just a trip.....
We create an experience

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