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A great destination with snow peaks, deep tropical waters and colonial cities. Colombia is the entrance to the South American continent. Located between two oceans and the Amazon in the south, this country shows an enormous variety of nature and culture. The only risk is wanting to stay! While the nature is great, don't miss out on the cities: Vibrant and lively Colombia has some of the best urban culture and nightlife in Latin America. The gold museum of Bogotá, the gastronomic district of Medellin and the salsa clubs of Cali are all worth a visit.

A country as large and varied as Colombia has many sights and regions worth visiting and it will take a lot of time and planning. Colombia can be roughly divided into the Amazon, Andes, Caribbean, Orinoco and Pacific regions. Air travel is convenient between different regions. In the regions themselves, customers can easily travel with group or individual tours, connected by private and collective transfers (with or without guide) illuminated by beautiful excursions and comfortable hotels. For the latest trend of travel in Colombia, we can arrange adventurous flexi-drive packages.

The climate varies little in Colombia, lots of sunshine all year round. There are no significant seasons and temperature is mainly determined by altitude. The best time to visit is between December and February, but this is also holiday season for the Colombians!

“Bogota what a city, with more than 7 million inhabitants! I thought it would be nice to leave in the morning by car. Forget it: the amount of traffic jams to get out of the city are huge!  

And in Colombian.  Rent a car to discover Colombia a little on the outskirts of the city or near the airport”

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