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Peru, the heart and empire of the Incas. The country is known for the enchanting Andes mountains, the fantastic food and last but not least of course Machu Picchu: the most famous, legendary and most beautiful Inca ruins that are high in the clouds. Very friendly and smiling people, greet them with: ''Buenos dias'' and you will be much appreciated. Definitely worth visiting Peru!


This unique country has many varied things: you have the climate that is a bit warmer on the coast, but it can go towards zero at night (so pay attention to what kind of clothing you have to bring) And the three different landscapes: the dry coastal areas, the high Andes mountains and the tropical Amazon rain forests. The country has 17 cities with the capital: Lima. In Lima you can visit the colorful neighborhood of Barranco, or take a free walking tour where you learn something about the culture and history of Peru. The country has many beautiful structures, wildlife, and the best preserved areas of the Amazon rainforest. For hikers, Peru is the best country for hiking, because of the different high mountains you have there.


The tasty Peruvian cuisine forms the country. Lima is the gastronomic capital of South America, the ingredients are fresh and come from all over the country. The roads are not the best there is in Peru, so it is recommended to take the bus that can be found throughout the country. Many nice tours from one side of the country to the other. Visit the beautiful nature reserve, but more importantly visit beautiful Peru!

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