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Ecuador is a country of amazing contrasts! Pass the white peaks of the Andes, the Amazon rainforest, the bustling markets of colonial towns and the bounty beaches of the Pacific coast. Or visit the beautiful Galapagos Islands, a paradise on earth. Traveling around Ecuador is extraordinary.


Beautiful weather, but in the dry season it is the best time to make a beautiful tour in Ecuador. In the Galapagos Islands you will find the most unique flora and fauna and not only that but also the wonderful beaches around it. Ecuador has 15 cities and Quito is the capital of them. In Quito you can visit Basilica del Voto Nacional, this church is considered the most beautiful church in South America. You can also take a ride in the TeleferiQo, to the top of the Cruz Loma. Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America, but has a lot of diverse nature. This allows you to see many different things in a short time.


Domestic flights? Taxis? Car rental? The bus? In Ecuador it is all possible, whatever you think is the best transport. Book a tour or a group tour and explore beautiful Ecuador. Grab your world plug and off to Ecuador!

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